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During more than 40 years serving New England, we've learned a thing or two about cutting and drilling concrete. Our experience and impeccable reputation allow us to tackle the region's largest and most complex projects. Here's a sample of some of the work we've done recently:

The Big Dig
Logan Airport
Deer Island
Ritz Carlton/Millennium Project

The Big Dig – Boston’s Central Artery, originally designed to carry 75,000 cars a day struggles under the pressure of nearly 200,000 cars today. To alleviate the congestion, Boston is developing an underground network of highways.

To put these highway improvements in the ground in a city like Boston amounts to one of the largest, most technically difficult and environmentally challenging infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the United States. The project spans 7.8 miles of highway, 161 lane miles in all, about half in tunnels.

For the Big Dig, Boston Contract Drilling helped relocate utilities so that the project could continue without disrupting residents, and performed drilling and cutting on the project’s signature landmark, the Zakim Bridge.

Logan Airport – Logan International Airport is the nation's seventeenth busiest airport.  The airport boundary encompasses approximately 2,400 acres in East Boston, Massachusetts. The airport is New England's largest transportation center and serves more than 26 million passengers, handles over 800 million pounds of cargo and mail, and generates over 16,000 aviation-related jobs.

Boston Contract Drilling has performed numerous projects at Logan Airport including expansion of terminals B & C, as well as the fuel line project that delivers jet fuel to each gate replacing the need for fuel trucks to drive around a busy airport.

Deer Island - The new Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant is the centerpiece of Massachusetts’ $3.8 billion program to protect Boston Harbor against pollution from Metropolitan Boston's sewer systems. Construction began in 1989. Today the plant is practically 100% complete.  The plant serves more than 2 million people and is the second largest sewage treatment plant in the U.S.

At Deer Island, Boston Contract Drilling was responsible for concrete drilling and sawing, allowing the plant to operate successfully.

Ritz Carlton/Millennium Project - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Towers, Boston Common is the new development that introduced an innovative mixed-use concept to Boston. The residential component, The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton Towers, is the last major addition to the Boston Skyline fronting on the Boston Common. In addition to the luxury condominiums, the property includes The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common, The Sports Club/LA, Boston, extended-stay residences, a Loews theatre multiplex and fine retail stores and restaurants.

Boston Contract Drilling performed core drilling, slab sawing, wall sawing, and demolition for the new downtown complex.